To promote the collective interests of small provider practices in the United States. We provide world class programs and services to the sole practitioner or small medical practice. Simply, we protect the care and well-being of patients by offering these practices ways to decrease their costs and increase their services and revenues.

A Word from Our Founder

"The strategy of naming this an association of "practices" rather than of "providers" puts the focus on those who are served by the practices, actually the people for whose benefit the practice exists, i.e. patients.
Most healthcare providers are very altruistic and are not as quick to address their business interests until their situation becomes dire (as it now is). The financial interests of primary care providers has been neglected.

AASPP is a robust advocate for the survival of Small Provider Practices where relationships with patients are nurtured and produce good outcomes of care at reasonable cost.

We provide ways for the Small Provider Practice to thrive in our shifting landscape of healthcare. Please take a moment to learn how we can serve your community."
Dr. Bassett Brown, MD
AASPP Founder