AASPP supports the "PRESERVATION MODEL" of healthcare that recognizes the value of small medical clinics in underserved communities across the nation. The trust that these small provider practices have built with the families they serve oftentimes is multi-generational in the making.

Trusting our doctors is essential to increasing population health, and AASPP exists in order to support these valuable relationships.

"I have been in healthcare since 1958, generating millions of dollars for my physician clients.

The shift currently underway in the healthcare industry has created enormous opportunity for physician practices.

In fact, we have not seen this kind of market opportunity in healthcare since Medicare began in 1964.

Before Medicare was implemented, our physician clients were netting in 1964 on average about $25,000 a year in income. Once after the Medicare program began, these same physicians were netting over $100,000 per year.

Why? Increased service offerings and billings made possible by the federal program. The Affordable Care Act is a similar opportunity for those who understand the mandate towards a value-based system that moves away from disease management and towards encouraging prevention and health.

Physician practices are now incentivized to offer myriad WELLNESS AND PREVENTION SERVICES to their patients.

Allow AASPP to increase your practice revenue and decrease your practice costs by taking advantage of some of the many benefits we currently provide."
- Woody Anderson
  Chairman of the Board